Letter to the Editor


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Dear Editor:

Although we are only a few weeks into the school year, it appears KFVS is doing a "bang up" job covering area schools. I wish to address their report on the "dispute" in the Delta school district (air dates Sept. 12 at 10 p.m., Sept. 13 at 6 a.m.).

The media in any form, be it television, newspaper or radio, is obligated to investigate newsworthy situations when alerted to them. The decision of KFVS to pursue what might have been a story is certainly understandable. Had the staff of KFVS thoroughly investigated this issue, they would have found no dispute. However, even though no controversy existed, they chose to stay and create one.

I take issue with three particular aspects of this broadcast. First, to turn this into a story about dropouts was completely asinine. An average of five students who drop out of a student body of 175 is slightly under 3 percent. This hardly is a newsmaker considering the national average is about 25 percent.

Secondly, the lead-in to this story began "After years of neglect ..." This term was used again in the story. Child neglect in the schools is a serious issue. I would be interested to see the data KFVS collected to support this claim.

Finally, the story left the impression that the entire room was filled with angry parents and students ready to drop out. In reality, nearly everyone in the room was there in support of the school.

All school districts have challenges that must be met and Delta is certainly no exception. However, consumers have the right to expect fair and unbiased reporting. This story was unfair, biased and inaccurate.

The media is a powerful tool that influences a wide audience. I ask KFVS to please use that influence prudently.