Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I am a person who can become disturbed by certain things that I expect and that I long for early each day.

First and foremost is a telephone call from my nephew in Tulsa, Okla, though even for five or 10 minutes.

Second is my Southeast Missourian newspaper. Only then is my day complete.

Not even on television nor on radio do we get all the interesting, enlightening, informative and educational news that is available from the Missourian. There is indeed something for everyone regardless of age.

Even the disgruntled people can voice their opinions, which gives them a satisfied feeling.

There are those who look forward each day tot he many and various ads -- often eagerly depending on them. I know I used to do that very thing.

Others turn quickly to the obituaries to learn of the passing of a friend. Often the paper offers the first knowledge of that happening.

People often like to clip from the paper weddings or an engagement of an acquaintance when there is no other way of obtaining them.

World news of all happenings keeps one up to date. Without that, we would gain little knowledge about our country.

Thus, after reading the paper thoroughly, I am satisfied and convinced that my day will proceed as I wished.

I thank the Southeast Missourian, then, for the joy and the fulfillment it adds to each day, not only for me, but I am sure for everyone else who receives it.


Cape Girardeau