Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I'm responding to your Aug. 23 story, "Addicted to meth: Kluesner tells his story." I'm one of those addict buddies of Dewayne Kluesner's who got sentenced to 20 years in federal prison for my addiction.

I know Dewayne very well. He is like me, no way a violent person. He just has a problem with drugs like myself. I was with Duane through most of his addiction, and he pretty well said it all. Yes, we used to go to a nightclub and drink all night long and never get drunk because of the meth. As the weekends went by, it took more and more meth to satisfy ourselves, just like a growing pain.

I remember the steps we went through. I remember the drug making us turn against each other. The drug made us hate one another.

My choice of food was Reece's peanut butter and Mountain Dew. I guess it filled the stomach. But at the same time it was eating my bones away.

I remember how the drug use tore all of our lives apart. I see where Dewayne has another chance in life after all he's been through, and I hope he can stay clean. Twenty years is not the answer for addicts. Addicts can live again. So, Dewayne, stay clean and show these people it can be done.


Oxford, Wis.