Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

The election for city councilmen and several other issues was held last Tuesday. Only 13 percent of registered voters exercised their right as citizens of a democracy. A democracy is government by the people exercised directly or by representatives. How can you live in a country where the people have the right to voice their opinions on what happens around them and not care enough to do just that? That ballot you turn in after deciding which of the choices you like best is your voice in your government.

People have taken advantage of and ignored the fact that, despite all its flaws this country possesses, it is still the land of the free. You aren't going to find a better country. Even though I don't agree with most of what takes place in our government, it's till better than living in some country where you have no rights.

You can't change anything if you don't try.I've talked to a few people about this particular topic. Quite a few said they do not vote because they don't have time or they don't think their voice will make a difference. First, you can always make time. There are 12 hours that the polls are open. So what they are saying is that they can't find 10 minutes out of 12 hours that they could have filled out a ballot. Another one that I've heard is that my vote won't make a difference or the other person always wins anyway. I'm not going to waste my time explaining how ignorant of the whole process that really makes someone sound. To summarize, get off your lazy duff and express yourselve to your government. And remember: It's not just a right, it's a responsibility.


Alternative Education Center

Cape Girardeau