Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

The hostile response of Republicans in the Missouri Senate regarding Gov. Bob Holden's executive order granting certain state employees collective-bargaining rights is realistic proof of their utter disdain for labor unions and the rights of workers.

Missouri state workers already have the right to join a union. The problem from the employee point of view is that there is no end to meeting and conferring. The executive order puts in place a structured way to bring closure to negotiations through mediation and arbitration. Any part of any agreement that requires expenditures of state funds must still go before the Missouri Legislature.

State employees do not have to join a union. If, however, a group of state employees elect to join a union, they may negotiate for service fees. To date, no state employees are paying service fees against their wishes, and to infer they are is simply not true.

Governor Holden campaigned on collective-bargaining rights for state employees and has historically supported working families' issues. Consequently, working families turned out in record numbers last November and helped elect him governor. By issuing this executive order, Holden did something quite admirable. He actually came through for beleaguered state workers by allowing them to have a voice at work. We commend Holden. It is refreshing to have a friend in politics who acts on his convictions.



Missouri AFL-CIO

Jefferson City, Mo.