Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I was amused by your Aug. 8 editorial observation that the attorney general's No Call List does not stop all unwanted telemarketing calls.

If that is your concern, then why not ask how our local state representatives and senators voted on the proposals to close the loopholes in the law. State Sen. Ted House's bill last year, which would have closed the loopholes, did not receive a high enough priority from state Sen. Peter Kinder to even have a vote in the Senate. Furthermore, Kinder's support for the original legislation came only after loopholes were carved out for his insurance company and telephone buddies.

If the Southeast Missourian supports a better law, you should demand that our local senator eliminate the exemptions by standing up to the lobbyists and standing with the two million Missourian's who have already signed up for the No Call List.

Meanwhile, those of us who have already signed up for the No Call List appreciate the efforts of Attorney General Jay Nixon to aggressively enforce the law. Maybe in the next legislative session, Kinder will join with the attorney general and the AARP to close the loopholes.


Cape Girardeau