Letter to the Editor


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To the editor:

I am so proud of this newspaper and the coverage it provides. I was pleased to see the coverage concerning the movie "Left Behind." My family had an opportunity to view this movie prior to its appearance on the big screen. I wish to encourage you to see the movie. My wife and I were even more blessed this past Sunday as Pastor Gary Brothers spoke on "Rapture Realities." Is the rapture a reality? How does the rapture relate to me? These are some of the many questions Brothers answered in his sermon.

For many, the thought of people being caught up in the air by an unseen supernatural force is beyond their imagination. I am still amazed every time I observe a paper clip being lifted off the surface of a table by a magnet. Nevertheless, I have seen it happen time and time again: an unseen force lifting a metal object being caught up in the air to meet it. If a magnet can lift a paper clip, how can one not believe that God, who is the creator of this unseen force, can lift his children in the air to meet him?


Cape Girardeau