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Of an estimated 30 covered bridges that once spanned rivers and creeks in Missouri, only four remain, and the oldest -- the Burfordville Covered Bridge -- is again in its full splendor.

The state, through extensive renovation, has put the bridge back in usable condition and allows foot traffic on the bridge. On special occasions, vehicles might be allowed to cross.

The renovation has been a long time coming. In 1986, a flood along the Whitewater River moved the bridge, and in 1991, the state had to close it. The renovation was recently completed.

The bridge, which is 130 years old, holds a lot of memories for a lot of people who remember driving across it and fishing or swimming in the river above and below it. The old Bollinger Mill is adjacent to the bridge, and it all is part of the Bollinger Mill Historic Site.

It's nice to know that many more people will be able to enjoy the bridge for many years to come. A visit to the site offers a step back in time that is well worth preserving.