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To the editor:

Where does the patient's right to accurate and reasonable treatment end and the doctor's liability begin?

A close relative had a root canal done. The root canal was not done correctly. One of the tooth's canals was not thoroughly cleaned out, causing infection to set in which subsequently spread to the roots of the tooth in front of it. This has necessitated the need for another root canal on what had been a healthy tooth.

My relative was under the impression the dentists would correct the original mistake to the first tooth before starting the second tooth. They started on the second tooth instead.

The expense for this procedure is approximately $1,000. There is no dental insurance to offset partial payment of this large expense.

The dentists accept no responsibility for uncompensated correction except for the original tooth.

My question is: Since when is it honorable to profit from a situation created at the detriment of another?

If feel the only equitable solution would be that both teeth be repaired without compensation.


Cape Girardeau