Letter to the Editor

Thanks for support of St. Jude

For about 50 years the Scott City R-1 School has taken part in a fundraiser for St. Jude Children's Research Hospital with bike-a-thons or marathons and successfully raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for them. As a director for most of them, I had finally someone to continue in this great cause. Then a virus hit and shot it down.

I had promised help with a couple of projects I had added over the years. I put collection cans in the restaurants in town and hit up many of our businesses to be corporate sponsors for our kids' fundraisers. And they always come through for us, adding to our totals.

Since the kids are not available nor the diner cans, I still hit up our businesses even though they have already been hit in many ways. But troopers they are, they came through knowing St. Jude can't stop! Keep them in your thoughts and prayers give them the business you can.

My eternal thanks go to Monty Keesee Construction, Dakota Heating & Plumbing, Simpson Excavating, Trax Edge Motors, Inter Rail Systems, Hennemenn State Farm Insurance and Bohannon Cleaners. And thanks to anyone who gives to St. Jude!