Letter to the Editor

Damage outweighs virus

For a long time the health industry has enjoyed a high level of public trust, and for good reason. The U.S. has the best health care system in the world and is full of very talented and committed people. But like any other industry, that trust can be called into question. The medical community's response to Covid-19 has done just that.

Nothing we have done as a nation has been based on facts and data. In fact, the government has reminded us of how little we know about Covid-19. But in the same breath they have instituted unprecedented actions. It is incumbent on leadership when making changes (especially at this level) to first consider the facts and make decisions based on sound reason. Our reaction has been based on fear and a sense of urgency. What we have done has never been tried before and therefore has not been proven effective. In the end the damage caused by these actions will outweigh the virus. Data will show this was unnecessary. Someone will need to be held accountable.

I suggest we lay the blame at the feat of the medical community. At no point did the medical community challenge what was done. At no point did the medical community try to pump the brakes as we went speeding down the mountain. No one from the community has had the courage to stand up, use their knowledge and scientific training and stop us from harming ourselves from very poor decision making.