Letter to the Editor

Don't undermine Clean Missouri

If you were to ask anyone in Missouri right now what the top priority of our government should be in 2020, there's a few answers you could expect to hear: COVID-19 relief, health care, the economy. But one of the current top priorities of legislators in Jefferson City is not one of these things. The legislature is moving to undermine Amendment 1 -- Clean Missouri.

Amendment 1 provides additional protections for the Voting Rights Act in Missouri law, and it was an important victory for fair representation of people of color, who have historically suffered the most in terms of representation under gerrymandering efforts. The voters overwhelmingly supported the nonpartisan measure to end gerrymandering in Missouri, but the legislature assumes that the people, and the judiciary of Missouri's Court of Appeals, don't know any better.

The ego of these legislators to assume that they know better than the people and can simply rewrite what Missourians campaigned for is ridiculous. You were elected to represent the will of Missourians, not work to undermine it. Missouri has greater concerns right now than the game of politics.

ZAC HUNN, Cape Girardeau