Letter to the Editor

Why support Trump?

Evangelical leaders anointed President Donald Trump as "The Chosen One" and "Installed by God" because he promised to reverse Barrack Hussein Obama's "anti-Christian immoral policies" on contraception, abortion, LGBTQ, etc. When Trump moved the American Embassy in Israel to Jerusalem, they likened him to King Cyrus. Obviously, they interpret Trump's political acts by Biblical anecdotes. As a return favor, they have silently enabled his un-Christian behaviors such as hatred for immigrants, non-Christians and minorities; jealousy of Obama; greed for money; shameless boasting; narcissistic grandiosity, habitual lying, vindictiveness, demagoguery -- all due to complete lack of Christian moral values and noble virtues.

Today, COVID-19 pandemic is devastating Americans. As of April 26, 54,265 Americans have died. Millions have lost their jobs. Millions of families have no food. Millions of retired people have lost their life's savings. The health care system is in crisis. Fraudsters are everywhere. Normal life has disappeared. Suddenly, America looks like a socialist country. Blaming others and promoting quackery, Trump has been a disastrously incompetent president.

If Bible is their guide, why wouldn't evangelical leaders liken COVID-19 calamity to the 10 plagues God, angry at Pharaoh, inflicted on Egypt? Why do they continue to promote Trump wholeheartedly, knowing well that his behavior has always been exactly opposite of teachings of Jesus Christ in the Bible?

My Christian friends, read Holy Bible: Matthew 7:15-20 and 23:23-39. Learn what Jesus said about false prophets and hypocrites who claim to know what God says. Don't let them mislead you. Let Jesus open your eyes to the reality.

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau