Connection Point Church: Loving God and Loving People

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

You are always welcome at Connection Point Church in Jackson, Missouri.

A single word defines Connection Point Church: authentic. Being real is a trait that personifies Pastor Chris Vaught and his staff as they lead with genuine care and love for people, community and, most importantly, Jesus.

It's that love for Christ that drives them to reach into this region's various neighborhoods to help unconditionally. Recognizing that a message is useless if no one hears it, Connection Point leverages media, branding, volunteerism and the Sunday worship experience to build a cohesive message.

"Connect. Grow. Go." It's the rallying cry that can be found on shirts and walls and in conversations all over their new campus. And it's more than just words; it is the model of intentionality and simplicity that steers the vision at CPC. That vision is to connect people into a real relationship with Jesus Christ, help them belong to a loving community where they can grow and then equip them with the tools to be a light in their world.

Join Connection Point on Sundays on-campus or online through social media, and you will experience a modern atmosphere designed for the whole family with loving people, powerful music and a relevant message. To learn more, visit