Tri-State U-Wrench & Save: Bring Your Own Tools to the Area's Self-Service Salvage Yard

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Saturday, April 25, 2020

Johannes Auto Sales has been serving you, our customers, since 1963 and now offers Tri-State U-Wrench & Save, the area's first Self-Service Salvage Yard.

Our business is based on providing customers with clean, quality parts at reasonable prices while always being ready to adapt to your automotive needs. The lots at Tri-State U-Wrench & Save are well-organized, which makes the "self service" option easier for customers to use and allows us to continue to provide the parts available at the lowest cost possible.

Tri-State U-Wrench & Save, which opened in 2018, features convenient, well-maintained gravel paths to each and every vehicle. When customers are on the lot, they will find each vehicle raised on stands, providing easy access and safety while removing the parts they need. Customers are welcome to come to our lot, bring their own tools and remove the parts they need. By offering this service, customers can be assured they have gathered each part for their project.

We greatly appreciate our many customers throughout the area, and we look forward to serving you for many years to come.