Letter to the Editor

Kindness on display

I had to go to the Neighborhood Walmart today to buy Claritin tablets for allergy relief.

When leaving my car after parking, a very kind lady approached me. I was wearing a silk scarf around my nose and mouth and leather gloves for COVID-19 protection. She asked if I would like to have one of her handmade masks for protection and removed one from a sealed plastic bag. I said, "How kind of you," and then asked if I might also have one for my husband. She most kindly gave me another one for him.

They both are made from heavy cotton material (one in a small navy and white print and one in a patriotic print) with sewn red ties. As she handed them to me she said to wash them carefully before wearing them. I thanked her numerous times, but walked away so taken with her wonderful generous spirit.

Much to my regret, we did not exchange names, but I would like the public know that her Christ-like, American spirit still exists on the streets of Cape Girardeau!