Letter to the Editor

Flood insurance reform needed

Though our nation is facing the unknown of COVID-19, that doesn't mean that nature takes a break. There is always the risk of further floods or disasters striking, even when it would be most inconvenient to us. While this pandemic may have hit pause on our national economy, recovery from the 2019 floods still continue.

An essential component of flood recovery is the support provided by the National Flood Insurance Program. The NFIP currently pays a disproportionate amount of money out to repeat loss properties - these are properties that, because of their location, continue to flood and take payments away from NFIP. These repeat loss properties have historically accounted for only 1% of covered properties, but they represent 33% of all claims paid out. Even now, NFIP funding is threatened through repeat loss properties.

In the midst of COVID-19, families nationwide should not have to worry about the risk of losing flood insurance coverage because certain properties represent a disproportionate drain on the system. I would like to thank Missouri's own Ann Wagner for sponsoring HR 5776, which will correct the problem of repeat loss properties. I urge others of Missouri's delegation to take the lead in supporting this legislation. I ask our own Congressman Jason Smith to lend his support to HR 5776 for the sake of our state. In the midst of a pandemic, we must plan for the future and be prepared for future disasters.

VINNIE CLUBB, president, Piedmont Area Chamber of Commerce