Letter to the Editor

Spirit matters

I was planning to take a "listening" sabbatical during this season of Lent, and little did I know what my ears and senses would be hearing and experiencing. The months prior to COVID-19 had been wearing on me. Contention and antagonism everywhere has been a "virus" difficult to avoid, definitely contagious without protection. The reality that daily encouragement is essential has been a lesson to be relearned by all of us in the battle to ward off contagious "bad" spirit!

One of my favorite words is "together," learning early in my life that no man is an island. Team spirit is a reality and responsibility that should never be taken lightly. It cannot be passed on as the responsibility of "others." Each of us must assume our own part. Team spirit is indivisible, every contribution matters.

I am so deeply encouraged and exceedingly grateful for the great team spirit of Cape Public Schools and the community that has come together to serve families. I could not help but let others know how rewarding it has been to be a part of this particular team. I thank God for every effort, every smile, every good word and work done by so many working side by side literally, or virtually, with energy and enthusiasm to get essential good work done. What a great community we live in filled with faith and fervor to serve together! So blessed. This is my Cape Tiger roar!

DEB TRACY, Cape Girardeau