Letter to the Editor

Respect state amendment

We need to talk about the upcoming Missouri legislative resolutions that seek to undo the Clean Missouri Amendment. This amendment passed with 62% of the vote in 2018. More than half of voting citizens in Missouri believe in increasing transparency, open records, and eliminating big money and partisan gerrymandering. It passed in every single state senate district.

By seeking to undo this amendment, our legislators are telling us that there is no need for transparency, or for neutrality in creating district maps. What they are essentially saying is "we aren't doing anything unfair, but you just have to trust us on that." Personally, I¬Ļd rather the legislative records be open and transparent, than taking their word for it.

What is the problem with limiting big money and lobbyist power in state government? In making district maps more fair? Though our legislators want to tell us the mapping process is already fair, there is a long and well-documented history of partisan gerrymandering at every level of government in this country. Why should we believe that for some reason Missouri is an exception to this history? I guess we have to take their word for it.

Even though every single senate district in Missouri passed the Clean Missouri Amendment, the legislature seems determined to ignore the will of its citizens. Perhaps it's time for the citizens to elect a legislature that takes their voices seriously.