Letter to the Editor

Lost Medicaid coverage

I am a mother and full-time student at SEMO. I was 37 weeks pregnant with my second child when my 5-year-old and I were notified that our Medicaid coverage was being canceled.

I had weekly visits scheduled with my midwife and was told that if I didn't have insurance coverage, I would be required to pay $85 per visit. I am unemployed due to being a student and a mother. My husband works a full-time, state job and we could not afford that amount on a weekly basis, let alone paying for the birth, after paying our monthly expenses. I was left without coverage when delivery was imminent, left without coverage for a breast pump that I had already ordered since it was covered by Medicaid, and if my toddler became ill I would not have the funds to take her to her pediatrician.

I spent hours on the phone with Missouri Care and MOHealthNet attempting to get our coverage back to be told that the state does not communicate with Missouri Care or its other coverage option. I eventually regained my and my daughter's coverage, after being sent many notices with balances that I did not owe due to being dropped unnecessarily. I have since delivered my second daughter and have yet to get her coverage approved, which is meant to be automatic due to myself having coverage. I have yet to comprehend how Gov. Parson could drop my family and 100,000 others off of their health care.

SHANNON HEALY, Cape Girardeau