Letter to the Editor

The dangers of vaping

As a retired ear, nose and throat doctor, I'm concerned about the consequences of vaping. Vaping lends itself to experimenting with additives; nearly 20% of kids under 18 are vaping with marijuana or nicotine. Anything that has an oil or a complicated molecular weight can result in a non-infectious pneumonitis leading to interstitial fibrosis and chronic lung disease, which is likely what is killing people.

Another concern is nicotine's addictive nature. Nicotine acid is as addictive as cocaine and has vasoconstrictive properties that put people with cardiovascular and peripheral vascular disease at risk of strokes and heart attacks.

Using vaping to quit smoking should be done with the help of a medical professional using a tapering program with complete cessation as a goal. I personally feel that vaping carries too much risk, and there are better options.

RICHARD A. MARTIN, M.D., retired ENT physician, Cape Girardeau