Organization works with churches to help those in need

Poverty is not simply a monetary issue. It's about a lack of resources, tools and proactive intervention. That was the message shared to the Southeast Missourian recently by Laura Findlay, director of Safe Families for Children's Southeast Missouri chapter. The organization is a faith-based entity that works with local churches to help those in need.

The idea is that when someone is living paycheck to paycheck or in generational poverty, a financial domino can lead to other problems in their family including the safety of the individual's children.

The goal of Safe Families is to connect those in need with church volunteers who can serve as friends and a source of encouragement, helping with anything from groceries to transportation to child care. Safe Families helps individuals develop goals on how to improve their situation, Findlay told the Southeast Missourian.

"It's not easy," she told the newspaper. "It's terrifying and beautiful, and so rewarding. In the end, Christ calls us to do this, serving relationally and with our hospitality."

To learn more about the organization, check out the story by Southeast Missourian reporter Marybeth Niederkorn which appears on semissourian.com. You can also find information about the local chapter online at facebook.com/Safe-Families-for-Children-Southeast-Missouri.

Hats of to Findlay and the organization. They have a worthy mission, and it's good to see an organization collaborating with local churches to meet the needs of those in our community.