Letter to the Editor

Trump is right on Iran

For decades we have been in a proxy war with Iran, the No. 1 state sponsor of international terrorism throughout the world.

Have we forgotten who was in power, releasing to Iran $1.7 billion in exchange for a weak, dangerous, unaccountable nuke treaty with a terrorist state that is rapidly working toward developing nuclear weapons? Have we forgotten which president scrapped that travesty of a crap deal and ramped up diplomatic and economic sanctions against Iran?

Despite their hatred for this president, can the Democrats in office, who have seen the intelligence reports on Iran's progress on developing mid-range nuclear weapons, honestly say that they don't understand exactly what the president is saying when he said this was not done to start a war but rather to prevent a war? The Democrats in those positions even acknowledge that Iran has sleeper cells strategically placed inside the continental U.S. They are also the very ones who are fighting this president tooth and nail on securing our borders and know full well the potential economic and infrastructural devastation that a dirty suitcase bomb would cause when detonated in any American city. This president is taking strong measures because decades of weak foreign policy and a lack of moral courage have forced him to step up when nobody else has. Trump has been in office for less than four years; Pelosi is now serving her 17th two-year term in office. And Democrats think President Donald Trump is America's biggest problem?