Letter to the Editor

A democratic-republic divided?

Divisiveness is the norm in politics today, but, paradoxically, both sides of an issue feel equally dedicated to its proposition. Feelings often get in the way it seems, but oftentimes feelings can be equated with an individual, or group, but not society as a whole.

Just because an alcoholic "feels" like drinking, doesn't make it a good idea for them to partake.

Another facet of what's going on today is the fact that there are those who have subjected themselves to the authority of a religion, or idea. This being the case, their actions are often dictated for them by means of how they plan to react to a given situation.

I've heard it said that ideas such as apartheid or communism simply were not implemented correctly by those who became the most notorious figures in history by testament of their atrocities.

History demonstrates how many things happening today are in no way new when it comes to ideas, policies or feelings. In fact, much of what's going on today has re-cycled throughout time with the sharpest parts being discarded.

Today it is the will of some that the sharpest parts be put on us to the point of being enforced by law.

The train we call a democratic-republic can, and will, be set off its rails if pushed too far. And we don't even know where "too far" is. So let's please be careful and most of all, kind.

BRIAN PHILLIPS, Cape Girardeau