Letter to the Editor

Surprise billing is a problem

Kudos to Dr. Joel W. Ray for writing a superb and seminal article in the Southeast Missourian on Dec. 13 in the guest commentary section. He beautifully highlighted the problems, and the facts were presented with utmost clarity and precision.

Surprise billing is a dreadful problem. He advocates independent dispute resolution which appears quite an ideal solution to this vexing and unwelcome problem. It is hoped that this brilliant writer could be able to expatiate and elaborate further on this topic in his future communication. How beautifully and succinctly he portrays the sad plight of a physician practicing in a rural setting. He also highlights the unending problems faced by this physician.

The juggernaut of bureaucracy appears to be precipitating gradual demise and extinction of the physician through the crushing blows of authorization delaying tactics and progressively diminishing reimbursement for services rendered with utmost dedication.

Dr. A Basit Chaudhari, Cape Girardeau