Letter to the Editor

Limbaugh's choice of words

Sadly, I don't know what David Limbaugh is talking about in his Dec. 3 column "Democrats between a rock and a hard place" when he writes that Democrats -- or the "radical left" as he mostly calls them -- rarely talk about policy issues. I hear almost daily about issues like healthcare, sensible gun laws, protecting our border without building a wall, support for our military, education and more.

Mr. Limbaugh refers twice in this piece to the Democrats' "main stream media bosses" and "their media masters," which tells me he's not reading national, professional, unbiased journalists. I suggest that he consider turning off the radio and TV and to start reading real journalism.

Most importantly, I ask the publisher and editors of our beloved Southeast Missourian to consider the words Mr. Limbaugh uses throughout this short column -- radical, radicalism, leftists (six times), malice, heresy, smugness, arrogant, extreme mindset, superiority of their ideas, media masters, indoctrinating, muzzled, gender anarchy, suppression, and, who can overlook "Obama's success as cramming many of his ideas down America's throat" -- and ask yourselves this: How does publishing this kind of column help your readership better understand the serious issues facing all Americans today, Republicans and Democrats?

Because it seems to me Mr. Limbaugh is flogging the very extremism he decries here, purposefully using incendiary language to promote his anger and more anger, and he's smart enough to know better.

TERI CARTER, Anderson County, Kentucky

(formerly of Kelso, Missouri)