Composting can benefit your lawn. Here’s what to look for.

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Tuesday, December 3, 2019

Topdressing your lawn with compost is one of the hidden secrets to having an extremely healthy and lush, green lawn.

Whether you have warm season grass or cool season grass, applying an even layer of compost across your lawn can work wonders for your yard.

Compost is an organic matter containing microbes and nutrients, an extremely helpful tool, overlooked by many, to provide healthy soil and grass.

Here is a shortlist of the benefits of topdressing your lawn with compost:

· Incorporates organic matter to feed microorganisms and macroorganisms which maintain a healthy soil food web;

· Enriches the soil with nutrients for plant growth;

· Releases nutrients slowly so they don’t leach away;

· Improves soil structure;

· Promotes drainage and aeration in clay soil;

· Enhances moisture and nutrient retention in sandy soil;

· Reduces soil compaction;

· Inhibits erosion;

· Helps suppress soil-borne diseases and pests, among other natural benefits.

Compost can work wonders on your lawn, and the best part is it’s completely organic and free of chemicals and pesticides.

It’s very important to speak to a professional before simply buying a bag of compost and spreading it over your lawn. Depending on the type of compost, sometimes it might not be the best idea to spread, especially if it potentially has hundreds of weed seedlings in the mix.

Buying compost in bulk from a company that takes special care of exactly what has been mixed and incorporated into the blend is a pivotal part of the composting process.

Composting is best applied in early spring or fall and incorporating it with aeration is a great combination to kick-start a massive healthy soil campaign.

Please give us a call if you have any questions about this amazing organic product that can work wonders on your lawn.

Ryan Dillick is the operation and sales manager for Green Grass Guys.