Letter to the Editor

Undoing of Obama presidency

House Intelligence Committee's impeachment inquiry hearings confirmed that regardless what evidences they have of Trump's illegal activities, Trumpian lawmakers found absolutely no reason to impeach him. The question is, why?

Over the past six decades, millions of legal and illegal immigrants of various races, religions, ethnicity, cultures and languages have settled in America. Together with Blacks and Hispanics, they pose great threat to dominance of White Christian Americans (WCA) who built this great country. The eight-year-long presidency of "Kenyan-born Black Muslim" Barack Hussein Obama was an in-your-face symbol of that threat. It is time for WCA to regain their dominance. This requires them to undo everything that Obama and his "liberal coalition" did. They badly need a leader who could verbalize and act decisively on their suppressed apprehension without any inhibition.

Trump alone can accomplish that feat. His slogan "Make America Great Again" is a code-phrase for, "Let WCA take back their dominant role." He should never be removed from office no matter how blatantly illegal his actions are, or how vulgar, erratic, ignorant, immature, petty, reckless, unethical, un-Christian, un-American and dictatorial he might be. For he is White Christian Americans' knight on white charger -- their El Cid.

Driven by their fears, Trumpian toadies have betrayed their oath to defend and protect the Constitution and Rule of Law, and paved the way for Trump's dictatorship. Obviously, they have learned nothing from history: Dictatorship leads to death of democracy and the Republic. Once lost, they are hard to regain. Wake up!

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau