Letter to the Editor

Elections still matter

No other president has been attacked as viciously and without justification as President Trump. The Socialist Democrats’ bogus attempts to remove a constitutionally-elected president from office and to nullify the 2016 election goes beyond merely irritating. Their obsession is killing the Founding Fathers’ vision of a Constitutional Republic, the Constitution, the Electoral College, and the freedoms so many have sacrificed so much for to preserve.

Democrat Adam Schiff, chairman of the committee responsible for the impeachment inquiry, read from a document he wrote and claimed it was the original transcript of President Trump’s call with the Ukrainian president — except it was nothing more than poorly written lines from a “B” movie script!

Schiff submitted his fabricated document into the record of the House Intelligence Committee and tried to pass it off as evidence that Congress must impeach President Trump. When asked about his false document, he tried to cover up his egregious statement by saying, “… it was just parody… .” Do Democrats really believe parody can be used as evidence in an impeachment inquiry?

How deep will the Socialist Democrats go to in order to impeach a constitutionally-elected president? Apparently, the depth is bottomless. They will stop at nothing to destroy President Trump.

The Socialist Democrats want to boot the president from office before the next election. They’re afraid of challenging him legitimately and with honor. Let the election decide the fate of the president.