House Game Day Enjoyed by Guardian Angel Students

Amelia LeGrand uses a straw to move a leaf across a table as the remaining members of Raphael's house encourage her.

House game day competition at Guardian Angel School had a fall & Thanksgiving theme on Wednesday, November 6. The 3 houses (Gabriel, Michael, & Raphael) competed against each other in 4 events this month. "Leaf Blower" involved 4 members of each house competing in relay style & blowing a leaf across a table with a straw. The second game, "Turkey Feathers", featured 3 house members taking turns rolling a die. Every different number thrown gave the opportunity to attach a feather to the turkey. The team who got all 6 feathers attached the fastest was the winner. Next, the houses played "Turkey Blaster Relay". Four house members in relay style used a turkey baster to blow a feather down the table. The last game was "Shoot the Turkey". Nerf style guns were used to shoot at balloons from a distance. Four different sized balloons were attached to a table, each worth a different number of points. This proved to be rather difficult, being only 2 of 12 house members were able to shoot and hit a balloon. This game also made it dangerous to get pictures taken if you wanted to avoid being shot at. When all the games were done, Gabriel won 1st place and awarded 20 points; Raphael 2nd place and 15 points; and Michael 3rd place and 10 points. The game days are a big hit with all the K-8 students and gives them another opportunity to earn points for their houses.

Rylie Priggel, Veronica Seyer, and Ava Forehand made up Gabriel's team for putting feathers on a turkey. Also shown is Mrs. Cindy Seyer, one of Gabriel's lead teachers.
Everett David of Michael's house uses a turkey baster to move a feather down a table.