Leadership Cape Presentations

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Monday, November 4, 2019

This year's Leadership Cape participants gather for a photo after presenting their team projects at First Friday Coffee.

As the 30th year of Leadership Cape draws to a close, per tradition, Chamber members were presented an array of community improvement projects developed by Leadership Cape participants at First Friday Coffee. While several projects throughout the years have come to fruition, the goal of the projects is to improve leadership skills by intentionally exposing participants to the realities of working with different personality types.

From a celebration of cultural diversity to the implementation of additional transportation options, the projects were innovative, thoughtful and quite impressive. Below is a list of the projects with a brief synopsis and links to the full presentations — take a look!

Cape Cultural Festival

Team members: Darren Burgfeld, Dawn Guynn, Katie Hill, Ryun Holloway, Wyky Jean, Annette Mounts and Karen Seabaugh

Event aims to promote, encourage and celebrate cultural diversity in our community and showcase food, dance, music and art from a variety of cultural backgrounds.

Check out the full presentation

Downtown Cape Girardeau Ambassadors

Team members: Victor Brownlees, Dharshaka Dias, Lucas Dirnberger, Kelly Felter, Dustin Koerber, Sarah LaVenture and Mia Pohlman

Assist in creating a secure, well-managed, attractive and welcoming environment to all residents, visitors, businesses and organizations that live, work and play in the downtown CID.

Check out the full presentation

Scootin' Thru Cape

Team members: Timbre Craig, Tyler Welker, Adam Glueck, Kim Dixon, Chelsea Dillick, Stephen Schott and Brock Crowley

Implement a smart, affordable electric scooter rental company that allows consumers to connect to the people and places in their city.

Check out the full presentation


Team members: Stephanie Blest, Christy Easley, Brad Rogers, Rhett Obermann, Paul Blake Ozbun and Kaleisha Walker

To create an online marketplace to encourage community retail growth it our hometown stores by delivering local shopping solutions through an exceptional online shopping service.

Check out the full presentation

Town Central

Team members: Hannah Seesing, Steve Naeter, Jake Garrard, Tiara Ross, Blake Lingle, Sam Rhodes and Rebeka Wright

A hub for youth resources, community, mentorship, learning and camaraderie.

Check out the full presentation