Letter to the Editor

Cape Catfish makes big splash

As the Cape Catfish close the books on their inaugural season, it is only appropriate to congratulate all the players and coaches on what ended up being a magical season! Thanks for thrilling so many fans at the beautifully renovated Capaha Field!

But I feel it is also appropriate to congratulate and give thanks to the visionaries, ownership and executive team that made all this possible. The vision began with former mayor Harry Rediger and Prospect League Commissioner Dennis Bastien connecting on the possibility for Prospect League baseball in Cape Girardeau. A dream that truly required a multitude of talent, vision and support to become reality.

This dream began to take shape when local business leaders Andy and Anissa Patel emerged. As the owners of the Catfish, "Team Patel" moved quickly to surround themselves with proven Cape Girardeau ambassadors and leaders to include: Team President Jim Limbaugh, General Manager Mark Hogan and Assistant GM Cindy Gannon. All of these folks played key and pivotal roles in producing a tremendous experience both on and off the field in Cape's iconic Capaha Park.

This leadership team then strategically collaborated with the city, university, businesses, sponsors and fans to bring unprecedented resources and synergies together. This winning collaboration came together to produce an entertainment experience that has changed the landscape in Cape Girardeau!

Again, major props to all involved for a magical inaugural season for the Cape Catfish!

JAY B. KNUDTSON, mayor (2002-2010), Cape Girardeau