2019 Kings and Queens of the Courts Pickleball Tournament Results

2019 Kings and Queens of the Courts

Pickleball Tournament

Sponsored by SEMO Pickleball Club, City of Jackson, Onix and Pickleball4Us


Menís 2.5 Doubles

1st Don Hesse/Dan Enloe

2nd Donald Jacobs/Chris Vaught

3rd Steve Moore/Tom Frobase

Menís 3.0 Doubles

1st Trevor Gunther/Hayden Gunther

2nd Jerry Leone/Jerry Bushue

3rd Todd Ladd/John Clippard

Menís 3.5 Doubles

1st Ron Gunther/Paul Eckhart

2nd Jeff Williams/Brian James

3rd Todd Richards/Jeff Cunningham

Womenís 2.5 Doubles

1st Tina Johnson/Marcella Schnakenberg

2nd Mary Winkler/Sharon Rosborg

Womenís 3.0 Doubles

1st Linda Hubbs/Karen Surface

2nd Laura Green/Linda Estes

3rd Sandi Essner/Lee Ann Kenley

Womenís 3.5 Doubles

1st Debbie Seitz/Elizabeth Doherty

2nd Ronnie McCormick/Sarah Aydt

Mixed 2.5 Doubles

1st Megan Clippard/John Clippard

2nd Lee Ann Kenley/Sam Kenley

3rd Ben Goodier/Miye Minor

Mixed 3.0 Doubles

1st Karen Surface/Kyle Brown

2nd Sherry Goshen/Tom Hatfield

3rd Missy Bradshaw/Glen Dirnberger

Mixed 3.5 Doubles

1st Elizabeth Doherty/Tiger Hohman

2nd Sarah Aydt/Todd Richards

3rd Debbie Seitz/Jeff Cunningham

A total of 47 teams competed in the 2019 Kings and Queens of the Court pickleball tournament held at the Jackson Civic Center July 20-21. Proceeds from the tournament will be used for the resurfacing of the courts in Litz Park.