Progress 2019: Financial Advice - Perspective of the Past Results in Progress for the Future

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Saturday, May 4, 2019

Founded in 1983 by Richard Cuba, Cuba Financial Group has become a nationally-recognized financial planning and wealth management firm. What was once a small business operated out of his family home 35 years ago has grown to include six team members that manage more than nine figures in client assets across more than a dozen states.

This growth has not happened by chance. Richard attributes most of this success to their business remaining an independent financial firm for 35 years. Free from corporate sales quotas, proprietary products and other corporate agendas seen in many other firms, Cuba Financial Group was established to accommodate the ever-changing financial planning needs of the client in a truly unbiased and uninfluenced way.

"We have created a business model and a brand built exclusively with the client in mind and nothing more," Richard says. "For this, we are most proud. It gives us the complete flexibility to customize our approach as the clients' needs change and the profession evolves."

Their history of independent advice has also allowed them to prepare for the future. Ten years ago, Richard's son, Tyler, joined the firm and brought with him a fresh perspective to the next generation of financial advice. Since then, they have deployed a suite of solutions that help integrate their advice with the use of technology. Tyler believes this significant financial commitment they make in their clients each year is necessary, especially for advisors truly focused on client success.

"Financial advice is so much more than an investment recommendation," Tyler says. "It has evolved to include a comprehensive set of issues that are best addressed with solutions that only technology can provide. This technology is the foundation for the future of financial planning."

As a result of Cuba Financial Group's growth and leadership in this area, Tyler was recently awarded the Next Gen Advisor Award at the First Allied Securities Circle of Excellence conference, a national conference for top financial advisors. As the saying goes, "To know where you're going, you have to know where you've been," so goes the mission of Cuba Financial Group in all areas of financial planning.

Richard and Tyler live out the mission of Cuba Financial Group everyday: "Simplify the financial lives of our clients, freeing them to fulfill their life's purpose." Whether it be through education or the use of technology, Cuba Financial Group makes every effort to allow their clients to focus on the things in life that matter most to them. To Cuba Financial Group and their clients, this is progress.