Progress 2019: LaCroix Health Center, LLC Introduces Cleanses and Detoxes

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Monday, April 29, 2019

LaCroix Health Center, LLC offers full-body chiropractic care at affordable cash pricing. In addition, Dr. Scott B. Smith, chiropractic physician with 22 years of industry experience, is a certified medical examiner for same-day DOT examinations. He also offers services for pre-employment functional testing and drug and alcohol on-site testing.

A focus on internal medicine, including digestive and parasitic-focused programs, sets LaCroix Health Center, LLC apart. Dr. Smith has recently incorporated cleanses and detox supplemental programs into his practice, which target hidden toxins that cause inflammation, such as heavy metals or parasites, and opens recovery pathways to repair cells. This can be helpful for people fighting autoimmune diseases.

“Our goal is to help your body help itself,” Smith says. “We’re looking for the cause, not just treating the symptoms.”

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