Letter to the Editor

Beyond pro-life

Thursday, March 7, 2019

Abortion will probably be outlawed in the next few years. The Supreme Court has become more conservative and could reverse Roe v. Wade. Many states, including Missouri, continue to pass laws that limit access to abortions. It's time to start thinking beyond pro life.

When abortions are outlawed, there will be more babies. And since unwanted pregnancies and poverty often go together, more babies will need foster homes and adopted homes. Aid will be needed for more unwed and poor mothers, infant health care, day care, etc. And not far down the road crowded schools will become even more crowded and will need to be expanded.

We can meet all of these challenges and any others that arise. We are well able to care for more babies, but we need to have a plan, or at least a recognition that more resources will be needed.

I believe many of us who now support a woman's right to choose would rather see unwanted pregnancies end in births instead of abortions. I know I would much rather see all babies brought into the world with a good chance of living a happy, productive life. Bringing them into a world of abandonment, neglect, poverty, or other bad situations is not a good outcome.

We need to start now thinking beyond pro life. We need to plan now for more babies; otherwise, pro life could result in unwanted life. And that would be tragic.

GARY L. GAINES, Cape Girardeau