Letter to the Editor

Stop undermining the people's will

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Last November, Missouri voters overwhelmingly approved Constitutional Amendment 1 (A1), known as Clean Missouri, a citizens' initiative designed to clean up state government.

Will someone please explain to me why our local representatives, Barry Hovis (146th) and Kathy Swan (147th), recently voted for House Bill 445 which clearly is designed to weaken A1 -- by removing state representatives and state senators from its key provisions -- bringing yet more darkness to Missouri government?

Opponents of A1 complained that the initiative was too broad and would confuse voters.

However, A1 proved to be very popular earning 62 percent of the statewide vote. In fact, it was even more popular than the winning candidate for U.S. Senate garnering over 20,000 more votes.

Right here in Cape Girardeau County, Clean Missouri won with over 54 percent of the vote, an almost 9-percent victory margin, winning 24 of 35 precincts.

The victory was a powerful message to legislators and government leaders across the state leaving no doubt that Missourians want them to clean up their act.

I urge my fellow citizens to contact your state representative, as well as your state senator, and let them know of your enthusiastic support for Amendment 1 and encourage them to stop taking actions to undermine the will of the people.

Andy Leighton, Cape Girardeau