Treasure Hunting: Vintage Software curates estate sale items in online marketplace

Wednesday, January 9, 2019
Micky McQuade poses for a photo behind his desk at Vintage Software in Jackson
Ben Matthews

“It’s a niche market,” says Micky McQuade, owner and CEO of Vintage Software in Jackson, Missouri, “so it took awhile to take off.” But for a company that started as a hobby, turned into a side gig and has grown into a full time business with over forty employees, it is not hard to see that this niche market is now soaring, and it’s flying straight out of Southeast Missouri.

“My dad was really into Estate Sales. He would buy old kitchen appliances from the 1930’s and 1940’s and refurbish them. Then he would sell them on Ebay,” says McQuade. “It was his idea to start an online site where people could easily locate the sales that they wanted to attend.”

In 2001, McQuade and his father, Dan, bought the domain name for and began listing dates and locations of estate sales online, including pictures of items that were up for bid. At the time, they were living in Memphis, Tennessee.

In 2005, McQuade and his wife, Courtney, along with their family, moved back to her hometown of Jackson, Missouri. By 2007, news about had spread and the company began to see nationwide growth. McQuade took the opportunity to create Vintage Software, the company that owns and operates the estate sales website, and turned this side gig into a full-time business. As of 2018, there are over 4,000 companies that list estate sales on their website, making them the top site for estate sale listings nationwide.

Developing and operating a high traffic website, with cutting-edge technology has allowed Vintage Software to stay ahead of the curve, because according to McQuade, “the future of estate sales is online.”

Which is why, in keeping with the online shopping trend, now has its own Marketplace. A place where an average consumer, bargain hunter, antique dealer or collector can search for a specific item to purchase. You may not think that someone would travel across the country for an estate sale item, but “for the right one? Yes, they do,” says McQuade.

As for McQuade and his family, they plan to stay right here in Southeast Missouri. “We pride ourself on customer support and employing really nice people that are respectful and have Midwest charm,” he says. “Customers all over the country appreciate the hospitality they receive from our team.”

A team that not only includes customer support, but also website developers, product designers and programmers. A team that is always looking to improve, expand and grow. A team that feels like family, right here in Southeast Missouri. A team that feels like home.

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