5 Tips for Making Your Next Family Get-Together One to Remember

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Monday, January 7, 2019

It’s been a while (Christmas, at least,) since the whole family was in one room together, and you’re starting to miss your uncle’s quirky jokes and the way your grandma’s eyes crinkle up at the sides when she tells a story. With the summer months fast approaching, call them up and let them know it’s time to break out the old home videos, crock pots and matching t-shirts for a mid-year reunion. With these tips, provided by the Miner Convention Center, you and your family are sure to make memories at your next get-together that you’ll be smiling about for years to come.

Tip #1: Cater it, cook together or potluck it up

At the Miner Convention Center, it’s up to you. The venue supplies a full kitchen equipped with an ice machine, coffee pots and all the appliances you’ll need for cooking up a delicious meal for your kin. Or, they offer the option of having outside caterers bring in the food. Whatever you choose, it’s breaking bread with each other that counts.

Tip #2: Bring on the family photo slideshow

Dust off the old home videos and get to work making the photo slideshow, complete with those embarrassing prom pictures (why did we ever think chiffon and teased hair were good ideas?) and photos of you and your cousins playing in the sprinkler in the nude (as children, of course). Conference rooms at The Miner Convention Center come equipped with audio, projectors, ceiling-mounted screens, adjustable lighting, and Wi-Fi so you can relive the good ole days, set to “We Are Family,” by Sister Sledge.

Tip #3: Don’t forget the tunes and your dancing shoes

Rooms at The Miner Convention Center are complete with dance floors, and stage pieces are available by request. All of this so you can bring back ballroom dancing. (Or the funky chicken.)

Tip #4: Party hard and then walk away

That’s right — at The Miner Convention Center, for a small fee, you can leave the cleanup to the experts. Which means that after the party is over, you can grab your casserole dish and leave. The set-up of the table and chairs is also taken care of for you by employees at the venue for no extra cost, so all you have to do is bring the decorations that add personal flair and then get to work making memories.

Tip #5: Have somewhere comfy and close to call home for the night

Let your family stay at the reunion longer: The Miner Convention Center is within walking distance to many area hotels and restaurants, so your family doesn’t have to travel far to find a bed. Trust us, when the end of the night rolls around, they’ll be thanking you (and you will, too).

To schedule your next family get-together at The Miner Convention Center, call (573) 471-8520. We are excited to provide a space for you and your family to connect and share life together.