Letter to the Editor

The people have spoken

Monday, December 31, 2018

In the last election, Missouri voters approved the use of medical marijuana, but the state says it will take over a year to make it available. This provides an example of how the government and the private sector differ. If the private sector was given such a directive, especially one that would bring in big bucks, sales would begin quickly.

The voters also approved a constitutional amendment called Clean Missouri, which is an attempt to bring more ethics and objectivity to politics. Now, many politicians, including the governor, want to repeal it.

A majority of voters opposed more taxes on gasoline, even though most of us know we need more money for our roads. Opinions vary, but many feel the wording on Proposition D, which was put on the ballot by our politicians, was disingenuous and misleading.

A couple of elections ago, the voters threw out a “Right to Work” law that had been implemented by the politicians, and now there is talk of going around the voters to implement the law anyway.

Are politicians listening to the voters? No wonder outsiders like Eric Greitens and Donald Trump get elected. People are tired of politicians who don’t listen. People want government that is responsive.

My goal isn’t to criticize all politicians. I really think most of them work hard and try to do the right things. I only wish they would become better listeners.

GARY L. GAINES, Cape Girardeau