Make Your Money Work For You: Montgomery Cash Back Checking Account

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Friday, November 30, 2018

Make Your Money Work For You: Montgomery Cash Back Checking Account

You know: you work hard for your money, and it’s important to keep your money working hard for you after you earn it. While checking accounts are usually not the most lucrative investment tool, they are a necessity for the money you use in your daily transactions, and it’s important to ensure you have one that is making the most of your money.

Montgomery Bank offers an effective solution: Montgomery Cash Back Checking. Earn 4% cash back on all debit card purchases, up to $200 in purchases monthly when you satisfy the monthly qualifications. That’s potentially $8 per month you could earn back, which adds up to $96 per year. Plus, you receive ATM fee refunds up to $6 per month, so when you’re in a cash bind, you can use any ATM nationwide.

There is no monthly service fee or minimum balance requirement with this checking account, and you receive free e-statements and access to online and mobile banking with unlimited online bill pay. With five convenient locations throughout Southeast Missouri and five in St. Louis, Montgomery Bank representatives are always ready to help you with all of your banking needs in-person, as well.

If you’re a quick-facts person, here are the highlights:

• Earn 4% cash back on your everyday debit card purchases on up to $200 in purchases monthly, which adds up to $96 cash back per year at $8 per month

• Refunds on ATM fees nationwide, up to $6 monthly

• No monthly service fee or minimum balance requirements

• Free e-statements

• Free Online and Mobile Banking with Unlimited Online Bill Pay

What could you do with 96 extra dollars? Get paid to spend your money — visit or contact Montgomery Bank Customer Service at 1-800-455-2275!

Click here for more information on the Montgomery Cash Back Checking Account.