Intrapreneurs Are Good For Your Business

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Monday, November 19, 2018

What are intrapreneurs, and how are they good for your organization?

In the last several years, the term “intrapreneurs” has become more widely known. Intrapreneurs are employees within an organization who are not likely to start their own enterprise, but who apply the essential principles of entrepreneurship to their positions in the business.

Forbes Magazine examined the traits of intrapreneurs and their benefit to the companies in which they work. Once you understand these characteristics, it’s likely you’ll want as many of these people working for you as possible.

An intrapreneur understands and respects the importance of money, but it isn’t their measurement. They do their work in a way that leaves them invaluable to their organization. Advancement and increased salary finds them.

These people are like mental greenhouses. When they are presented with an interesting idea, it never leaves their mind until they figure out how to make it work. They take the idea and develop it into a full-blown plan, or they will modify it into an even better idea.

Like great basketball players, intrapreneurs know how to pivot. They can change course on a dime and do not fear failure. They seem to be driven by an inner confidence and courage that leads them to their ultimate goal. And finally, and most importantly, they behave authentically and with integrity. They are not mavericks; rather, they exhibit the traits of confidence and humility.

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