Managing your cash flow easily and efficiently

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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

When you need a solution to manage your cash flow easily and efficiently, let us help keep your day-to-day operations running smoothly.

Montgomery Bank Cash Management Officers, Janet Jansen and Patty Harrell, provide insight on Cash Management services that save time and effort while increasing cash flow for business customers.

1. With our eCorp program, our business customers have 24/7 full online access to their Montgomery Bank accounts. Complete privacy, controlled through client and employee identification codes and passwords, ensures only authorized access to your company's accounts.

View daily cash position
Check the status of a check or stop payment
Verify merchant credit card deposits
Transfer funds to cover payroll or capital expenditure
Transfer excess funds to investment account to maximize interest income
Make loan payment or draw on your line of credit
Direct deposit of payroll
Make Federal tax payments
Direct debit customer accounts
Wire funds to suppliers in the U.S. or internationally
Export transaction information into your accounting package, i.e. Quickbooks
Positive pay fraud prevention
eDeposit remote check deposit

2. Montgomery Bank Mobility Businessoffers advancements in technology that take cash management services way beyond the basics. With increased security, you can effectively and securely manage your business from your phone.

3. Sweep accountsare available for those larger deposit corporate customers that want to maximize their interest earnings while maintaining liquidity.

4. Express Check Managergives you the ability to maintain your bank statements on a CD-ROM, allowing you to perform your own research, print copies of checks and more.

5. In-house Merchant Processing offers competitive pricing and local customer service for businesses accepting credit card payments.

Curious about how much time and money you can save? Call Janet or Patty today to set up an appointment.

Janet Jansen
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Patty Harrell
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