Letter to the Editor

Prop A and worker freedom vote

On Aug. 7, voters will have the chance to support worker freedom and a stronger economy for all Missourians by voting "yes" on Proposition A.

Prop A prohibits workers from being forced to join a union and have fees automatically withdrawn from their paychecks. When workers have a choice to join, it makes union executives more accountable to workers who choose union membership.

Passing Prop A would lead to higher wages for Missouri workers. According to data from the U.S. Commerce Department and Missouri Economic Research and Information Center, wages in states that have enacted freedom to work are $2,250 higher than the average for forced-unionism states.

The Bureau of Economic Analysis has proved that freedom to work states have seen more job growth and more state GDP growth. Missouri is nearly surrounded by freedom to work states, and while those bordering states are benefiting, Missouri is missing out.

I've talked to hundreds of Missouri business owners and workers who live and work near or along the border of freedom to work states. They tell me their communities are losing jobs as they watch factories and businesses move to states that actually protect worker freedom. Missouri deserves better.

DAN MEHAN, president/CEO, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, Jefferson City, Missouri