Pro Tips for Renting Wedding Décor

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Monday, July 9, 2018

Rustic, vintage and shabby chic wedding décor is trending, and Rental Land in Cape Girardeau has these decorations and more to help you create the wedding of your dreams.

“We rent everything for the wedding except the dress and tuxedo,” Amy Kasten Yates, Rental Land manager, says.

Follow Kasten Yates’ renting pro tips to streamline your wedding planning process:

Pro tip #1: simplify.

Renting decorations, tables and chairs for your wedding simplifies the wedding planning process: instead of shopping around to find the best prices on items, renting provides a one-stop shopping experience, so you have more time to focus on the other details of the day. And while the average cost of a wedding in Cape Girardeau is $19,839, according to, renting can reduce costs drastically. It also frees up your closet storage space and saves you the hassle of finding a buyer to take your used decorations off your hands after your wedding.

Pro tip #2: check with your venue to see what is included.

Before renting from a rental store, check with your reception venue to find out what is already included with your rental there. Also be sure that what they offer are the sizes and styles you want for your reception. Once you’ve compiled a list of the additional items you’ll need, be sure the smaller necessities that go with the big-ticket items are also on your list. For example, if you’re renting tables, don’t forget to rent chairs and tablecloths, too. If you’re renting candelabras, be sure you also rent the lighters needed to light them.

Pro tip #3: visualize your venue set-up.

Physically walking through your reception venue to visualize how you will set it up for your reception before you rent your decorations will help you know not only what you need, but also how much of it will realistically fit in the space. It will also help you visualize details like how many backdrops you will need to cover permanent fixtures that you don’t want in the backgrounds of your photos.

Pro tip #4: reserve early.

It is important to reserve rentals far in advance of your wedding date to ensure your top choices are available to you. Before heading to the rental store, be sure you know the date and color palette of your wedding, so employees can best assist you in finding décor that fits with the inspiration and theme of your wedding. Once rented, rented items can be picked up the Thursday before a Saturday event, and returned the following Monday at Rental Land. To help your wedding run even more smoothly, Rental Land also offers delivery service.

Congratulations on your engagement! Now start planning the day to celebrate your love, and let Rental Land help make your vision for your day a reality.