Cape Vision 2040 workshop is example of accessible government

The city of Cape Girardeau is holding its third workshop next week to get your input on how to shape the city going forward.

Labeled Cape Vision 2040, the planning concept, a sequel to Vision 2020, is to seek community input so the city's planners and leaders can have a sort of navigational chart as they steer the city for the next couple of decades.

The next meeting is at 6:30 p.m. Thursday at the Osage Centre.

As Mark Bliss recently reported, many ideas have been shared and submitted already.

People have suggested things such as tiny rent-to-own houses to boardwalks to roundabouts and better street lighting. This will be the last public session to attend; consider going out, even if you don't have an idea to share. The city is making some of its planners and officials accessible to the public. It's a good opportunity to say hello, and shake hands with some of the people who work behind the scenes in city government.

Transparency is a huge issue in today's politics, from Missouri to Congress to the White House. Here, we have an example of how government should look at the local level, with open doors and open ears. The city has shown recently in other matters that it's willing to change course and modify plans based on this type of input. Your voice matters. Next Thursday is a good time to use it. You can also visit CapeVision2040.com and take a survey.