Letter to the Editor

Stop the tweets, Mr. President

Self-awareness is the highest mental faculty, which enables a person to be fully conscious of the impact of his words and actions on people around him. It is obvious to all, except the most dullard among us, that President Trump totally lacks self-awareness.

The President launched the New Year by sending a tweet, which condemned Pakistani government as lying and deceitful, and threatened to stop all future aid to that country. He was totally unaware of, or did not care for, the consequences of this impulsive action. It did not matter to him that Pakistan is a proud nuclear power, quite capable of making a portable nuclear weapon, and not beyond sending it to the U.S. with compliments. The next day, in response to Kim Jong Un's boast, he sent a tweet, which claimed that his "button is bigger and more powerful." These juvenile tweets were obviously products of sudden impulse, and there was no consultation with either Department of State and Defense, or CIA. I am certain heads of these departments are striking their heads with their hands every time they read these awful tweets on television.

Talk to Republican lawmakers, and they are all busy praising Trump to the skies, especially to his face, as they have a long list of agendas, which need his signature. They have all concluded that sycophancy is the best method to deal with this boy-president who is totally devoid of self-awareness. Fear of his thoughtless vitriolic tweets keeps their mouths zipped.

K.P.S. KAMATH, Cape Girardeau