Letter to the Editor

Right-to-work is good for workers

As the Right-to-Work bill carrier in the Missouri House, I want to be sure Missourians are clear about what the legislature passed and Gov. Greitens signed when it comes to our new Right-to-Work law.

Right-to-Work means the worker who is earning the money has the freedom to choose. The unions are out across Missouri trying to convince Missourians the law will hurt workers. Unions who are not accountable to their members are the ones who could be hurt under Right-to-Work. If the union bosses provide a good service, history in Right-to-Work states show workers are pleased to pay for the service.

My colleagues and I in the Missouri legislature passed Right-to-Work to give Missouri workers the right to choose whether or not to be union members. The law took away the unions' ability to force union membership. Union bosses now will have to provide a service or risk losing the union membership. The unions do not want to lose control, and that is why they are fighting this worker freedom effort with a petition drive to stop this law from taking effect. Right-to-Work is about empowering workers.

I am defending Missouri's Right-to-Work law, because I believe Missouri workers should have the freedom to decide to join a union. No one should be forced to join a union, forced to pay a portion of their hard earned money for that membership, simply as a condition of getting a job.

Holly Rehder, state representative (R-Sikeston), Sikeston, Missouri