Women's exercise group eliminates excuses

Who hasn't offered a million excuses for not adopting an exercise regime? We all have -- and most of them are good excuses, too: "I'm too busy." "I can't afford it." "What am I going to do with the kids?"

Mothers, in particular, have a plethora of responsibilities, as they often fulfill the role of nurturer in the home, as well as working outside the home. From conception to graduation and beyond, moms are busy with their children, making personal sacrifices in the process, including forgoing exercise. But a local chapter of No Excuse Mom has been formed to eliminate the excuses we often hear -- and give -- for not getting our sweat on.

Amanda Gibson started No Excuse Mom group in February to provide a place for women to learn exercise techniques and get in shape, even at home with small children. When the group meets, now twice a week, moms bring their children with them as they work out -- free of charge. The children get to play nearby while moms work out in a safe "judge-free zone."

Gibson told the Southeast Missourian's Katie Lamb, "I tell the group it's about encouraging each other and breaking the stereotypes that women can't get along and we want to judge one another." She added that all women are welcome to participate, no matter their background or experience: "We've got women of all sizes, shapes, races and from all financial backgrounds. We just come together, and our kids play, and we do a little workout."

If you're just starting out on your exercise journey or are a seasoned exerciser looking for another workout, consider joining the group at A.C. Brase Arena Park.

Meeting together and then learning techniques that can be continued at home is a great way to get the heart racing and lose extra weight. And being able to get the kids in on it, too, is just icing on the cake -- proverbial, of course.

Not just moms, but all Southeast Missouri women are welcome to lay down the excuses and pick up healthy activity with this group, so for more information, check out the Facebook page, called "No Excuse Mom Jackson, Mo."