Police arrest suspect in road-rage killing

LAS VEGAS -- Police arrested a suspect Thursday in the road-rage killing of a Las Vegas mother after SWAT teams swarmed a home about a block from the site where the shootout occurred a week ago.

Police did not release the male suspect's name or discuss his possible involvement in the killing of 44-year-old Tammy Meyers. He was taken to police headquarters for questioning.

The case has received significant national attention since Meyers was killed after an encounter with another driver as she gave her teenage daughter a driving lesson.

She was removed from life support on Valentine's Day as police hunted for a suspect. Online donations to pay for funeral costs quickly poured in from around the nation.

The sympathy morphed into skepticism after police revealed the mother dropped the daughter off at the home after exchanging words with the driver during the late-night driving lesson.

She then picked up her 22-year-old son, who brought along his 9 mm handgun.

They went looking for the driver, followed the vehicle and eventually went home.

The silver car then showed up outside the Meyerses' home, and a shootout occurred. The mother was killed in the driveway of the home.